Storm Style Navajo Rugs

The main feature of this type is the central X or H pattern found in the center of the rug. The rug itself can be made using any color combination and or any type of wool yarn. This includes handspun single ply, commercial one ply, and multi-ply yarns. There are many stories as to what this X or H means. I have heard it represent lighting, the four sacred mountains, the four directions. As with most Navajo rugs, the patterns have no hidden meaning.

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Navajo Storm Pattern PL

Navajo Storm Pattern Rug by Pauline Lee; 25" x 42"

Storm Navajo Rug AT

Storm pattern Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Anthony Tallboy; 43" x 55"

Storm Pattern Navajo Rug JC

Storm pattern Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Julia Charley; 27" x 35"

Storm pattern Navajo Rug DK

Storm pattern rug by Navajo weaver Daisy Kee: 37" x 52"