Pictorial Style Navajo Rugs

Native American Navajo Indian Style Pictorial Rugs Rugs and Weavings

Pictorial rugs come from all over the Navajo Reservation. Pictorial elements can be found in all types of rugs. You might see a train in a Chief rug, a face in a Teec Nos Pos rug, or a weaving comb in a Red rug. As an artist paints his world as he sees it with paint, the weaver, weaves the world as he or she sees it with wool and yarn.

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Navajo Pictorial Rug EE

Navajo pictorial rug "Kokopelli" by Navajo weaver Esther Etcitty

Navajo Pictorial Rug NB

Navajo Pictorial Christmas Rug by Navajo weaver Nora Bitah

Pictorial Navajo Rug CP

Pictorial Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Cora Pete