We have 3 types of Native American Navajo Indian Pottery. Traditional Navajo Pottery is Covered with Pinon Tree Pitch. Originally this was to make it waterproof as the clay was not fired deep enough to form a true ceramic.  There is Etched or which is a poured ceramic which is the hand carved and painted.  Navajo Horsehair Pottery is a poured ceramic to which real horse hair is burned to create a pattern on the pot.

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Navajo etched pottery Arnold Brown 270

Etched and hand painted pottery by Arnold Brown; 11" h x 8"w

Navajo pottery Alice Cling 300

Navajo traditional pottery by Alice Cling; 5.5"h x 5"w

Navajo Pottery Lorraine Williams 990

Traditional Navajo pottery by Lorraine Williams; 12"h x 9"w

NC Navajo etched pottery Victoria Tsosie 225

Etched and hand painted pottery plate by Victoria Tsosie; 11"

Navajo Pot by Susie Crank

Navajo Pottery by Susie Crank; 4" h x 7" w

Navajo Pot Nancy Chilly

Traditional Navajo pottery by Nancy Chilly Yazzie; 8"h x 8"w

Navajo pottery jug MW

Navajo pottery jug by Michelle Williams; 8"h x 6."w

Navajo Pottery Ken and Irene White 450

Navajo pottery by Ken and Irene White; 10"h x 9"w

Navajo Pottery Ken and Irene White 600

Traditional Navajo pot by Ken & Irene White; 12"h x 9"w

Navajo Pottery Sue Williams

Traditional Navajo Pottery by Sue Williams; 5"w x 4"h

NC Navajo Corn Pot

Navajo Corn Pot by Lorraine Williams

NC Navajo Pot Lorraine Williams

Navajo Traditional Pot by Lorraine Williams; 10.5"h x 8"w

Navajo Wedding Vase Ken and Irene White 825

Traditional Navajo wedding vase by Ken & Irene White: 15" h x 9" w