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Navajo Art

Native American and Navajo Art Navajo paintings from many of the most noted artists on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Navajo ArtifactsArtifacts are Navajo reproductions of Native American ceremonial and war fighting implements. Included are antiqued Dreamcatchers, Bows and Arrows, Tomahawks, Rattles and Peace Pipes
Native American Navajo basket

Navajo Baskets Native American Baskets for sale are of Traditional and Contemporary Navajo and Ute designs.
Navajo Beadwork

Navajo Beadwork Native American Navajo hand beaded products. Navajo beaded barrettes, bracelets, pins, bolo ties, ear rings and key chains and more.
Navajo Sand Painting Clock

Sandpainting Clocks Our clocks are made in our shop on the reservation using authentic Navajo Sandpaintings and solid oak frames.

Navajo Dolls Navajo Indian dolls are made of cotton velveteen cloth. They are still the companions of choice for young Navajo girls. We have many sizes and grades to choose from.

The Gallery  Our newest and best collection of 1 of a kind Navajo Arts and Crafts

Dye & Medicine Charts  A framed and glassed collection of plants used by the Navajo Indians for medicine and for the dyeing of wool.
Navajo Folkart

Navajo Folkart  Folk Art are carved visions of how the Navajo see themselves and the animals living in the world around them. We carry Navajo chickens, Navajo Shoe game figures, wood horses, as well as miniature sheep and goats. Look at all of our many other animals carved from wood and then painted

Navajo Etched & Horsehair Pottery   Etchware And Horsehair pottery is Navajo Native American Indian poured ceramic pottery with the pattern hand etched and then painted into a number of different styles.
Traditional Navajo pottery

Navajo Traditional Pottery   Traditional Native American Navajo Indian Pottery is hand coiled and covered in pine pitch. The beauty of Navajo pottery is in the simplicity and polish and sheen done in the hand finishing. We have a large selection of Navajo pottery we sell both wholesale and retail.
Navajo Kachina Dolls

Navajo Kachina Dolls   Navajo made interpretations of Hopi Kachina dolls come in many styles and sizes. The price and quality of these dolls is hard to beat.
Misc Navajo Crafts

Miscellaneous Navajo Crafts  Cedar Berry Necklaces(Ghost Beads), Looms, Cradle Boards, and other odds and ends can be found here.
sand painting boxes

Sand Painting Oak Boxes   Sturdy Oak Boxes made in our shop, come in many different sizes and sandpainting designs. Plain or matted and framed in glass.
Navajo folkart ornaments

Navajo Folkart Ornaments  Enhance any decorative or festive occasion with hand crafted hanging Navajo ornaments.
Navajo rugs weavings

Navajo Rugs & Weavings > We are known for our Navajo Rugs. We carry all of the major Navajo rug types from Teec Nos Pos, to Two Gray Hills, to Ganado Red, to Shiprock Yei's and many more.
Navajo Sand painting

Navajo Sandpaintings  Navajo Sandpaintings are meant to visualize the beauty of the Navajo Way. We at Foutz Trading Company have many hundred of hand made Navajo sand paintings to choose from. The framing and matting of these are done right here at our shop.
Navajo stone sculpture

Navajo Stone Sculpture  Our Native American and Navajo sculpture is all locally made using mostly alabaster from the Four Corners area.