Ganado Red Style Navajo Rugs

Ganado and Klagetoh are red rugs that share the same pattern as a Two Grey Hills rug. It is generally a diamond(s) pattern with cloud patterns in the corner. They have a plain border of black and white bands, though on occasion they can be somewhat fancier. The colors used are, white, black, and one or more shades of gray and red. The Ganado is noted for a red background, while the Klagetoh has a gray background. The yarns used can be hand spun or commercially produced or a combination of both. The handspun and commercial yarns are normally a single ply.

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Ganado Navajo Rug RB

Ganado red rug by Navajo weaver Rafaelita Beaver; 26" x 34"

Ganado Red Navajo Rug AW

Ganado Red Navajo rug by Navajo weaver Annie White; 23" x 32"

Ganado Red Rug LY

Ganado red Navajo Rug by Navajo weaver Louise Yazzie; 34" x 58"